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My Summer in Provence

Irene and Paul take their three grandchildren for the summer because the childrens’ parents have just split up. Their daughter, who is the mother of the children, leaves for a job interview in Montreal. The visit awakens painful memories, because Paul hasn’t spoken to his daughter for many years. Their stay also causes friction.

Teenagers Adrien and Lea are addicted to new technology and have no interest in country life or the chores their grandfather asks of them. However, Theo, the youngest of the three, succeeds in earning Paul’s appreciation with his enthusiasm and curiosity.

Over the course of the summer, the grandparents and the three children bond as Lea falls in love with a “pizza guy,” Adrien longs for an older woman who makes the best ice cream and Theo, despite being deaf, brings everyone together with his innocence and charm.

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Background of Provence

Provence is a geographical region and historical province of southeastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône River on the west to the Italian border on the east, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the south.

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