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An & Ria’s first flight

Do you remember your first time fly experience? Over 7o years Ria and An took first oversea travel experiences together. During this trip they become the travel partner that is TourGether proposed.

They took their first flight together, beat their fears – and forged a new friendship

1. 71-year-old An was so scared of flying she said she “wouldn’t fly if you paid her”

2.Ria, 78, only ever travelled with her late husband, who wouldn’t fly as he had a fear of heights

3.Together, they accepted Vodafone’s challenge of taking their first-ever flight, conquering their fears and sharing an experience that left them close friends.

Two grandmothers from the Netherlands who never had the chance to fly – or were too scared to do so – have achieved a remarkable feat by flying for the first time, in a memorable trip made possible by Vodafone Firsts. They made their first plane trip in style, travelling by private jet from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport to Barcelona, and they used a tablet device to stay in touch with their loved ones at either end.

About Vodafone Firsts
Vodafone Firsts is Vodafone’s global brand programme, activated across the world from 2014. A social media-led programme, Vodafone Firsts is about inspiring people to do something remarkable for the first time using mobile technology. Vodafone began by recruiting a series of inspirational people to help them achieve their Firsts. Vodafone will also ask consumers what they would like to do for the first time, helping to make their ambitions a reality.

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