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Taiwan is a state in East Asia and the first constitutional republic in Asia. There are various names for the island of Taiwan in use today, derived from explorers or rulers by each particular period. The former name Formosa dates from 1544, when Portuguese sailors sighted the main island of Taiwan and named it Ilha Formosa, which means “Beautiful Island”.

Geographically, the island of Taiwan lies in a complex tectonic area between the Yangtze Plate to the west and north, the Okinawa Plate on the north-east, and the Philippine Mobile Belt on the east and south. The east and south of Taiwan are a complex system of belts formed by, and part of the zone of, active collision between the North Luzon Trough portion of the Luzon Volcanic Arc and South China, where accreted portions of the Luzon Arc and Luzon forearc form the eastern Coastal Range and parallel inland Longitudinal Valley of Taiwan respectively. Therefor island of Taiwan is a diversity attractions that is a good traveling spot.

The video shows a different field of vision brings forth a different way of thinking. “Taiwan National Parks from Above” helps travelers break the viewing limits from the flat surface, as the cinema team (Above Taiwan Cinema company) follow the camera ten thousand feet above the ground and observe the earth from a whole new 360-degree angle. This is not only an extremely new visual experience, but also a reflection on humanity which touches your heart deeply at the sight of such diverse photography and magnificent scenery.

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